Holy shieht, he’s back! And too much WoW is too much.

•2009/12/28 • 2 Comments

Something great happened 😀
My favorite sarcastic, funny and (of course) awesome Holy Dueg is back!!
We must celebrate :] I can’t wait to see new of his insanely hilarious comic strips!

And after a little holiday break:

I know they are over now but I hope you had a great time with your friends and family and did not play WoW too much 😉

When it comes to my playtime I am a little thoughtful atm.
As I had to deal with one sad year of unemployment I – on the other hand – had a lot of time for WoW stuffs.
But yesterday I unintentially discovered this:

(I hope you discover my paladin’s
epic name :D)

Sooo many alts with emblems over and over 😦
I don’t have to mention that most of them are well equipped (and after dinging 80 with my mage it only took 3 days to get her full T9 with the new system.. that’s insane if you think about how much time you spent in ToC to get all your emblems or triumph.. *sigh*).
It’s a little shocking that I spent so much time with World of Warcraft and as I looove leveling I can’t limit to one character… gnah. I think I should take a little break after all my bad experiences lately. The new LFG system makes me sad bunny because nobody in my group isn’t talking anymore. Everybody rolls need for everything and it’s just… like WoW lost his soul or something 😦

Do you feel like this too?


Recent Nukis :)

•2009/12/08 • 1 Comment

Hey folks 😀
I’m a stoopid little priest… I had some minor email-account problems and your sweet comments have not been referred via email and I thought nobody would read my boring stuff anymore and thought about quitting my blog… gnah. But I recently discovered your kind comments and want to say sorry for my little delay of posting 🙂 You are wonderful! And I wish you a great patch-day! As I live in Europe I have to wait until tomorrow 🙂 Can’t wait to see the new lfg tool and the icecrown citadelle in live!

Well I’ve done some profession-stuff lately.
Like a lot of cooking

(This was like HELL! Without special seasonal reciepes I had to go to
Dire Maul and other weird old instances and some days ago I FINALLY
got 160 reciepes! Sadly my bf told me AFTER I did that achievement that
I don’t need it to become a “chef” … u_u’ Now only ONE shattrath cooking
quest is missing! And only a few awards to obtain the chef hat :D)

Confused Nanuki running through Dire Maul, hunting the annoying imp who
has her last cooking reciepe! STOP RUNNING, LITTLE GUY D: !

I also did some fishing action 🙂
After I also recieved the special coin on my old priest main I also want it for my
new one! I enjoyed fishing in the night when it’s finally pretty empty around the

Fishing the lurker with my bf was soooo funny 😀 😀
He (rogue): “I’ll try it first so you don’t have to die!” (wants to be my hero)
Me: “Eh… but I can… levitate… and… teh little fishes…-”
He: “AAACK, the fishes killed meeeh!”

But after buffing levitate him and myself we walked over to him and fished him
out of his watery prison 🙂 This was kind of funney too! He spawned, I was running
away in fear but my bf just kept staying in front of his face.
Me: “Eh… don’t you wish to… vanish or something?”
He: “But the lurker isn’t in aggro-mode, you see? :D”
And he was instantly killed, ahahaha ^^

Booty Bay fishing contest was… well… let’s say I wasn’t
the best participant ^^’
But an evil <s>and ugly</s> male draenei KEPT putting
his lure into my schools D:
Can’t wait to participate the Kaluak derby!

I love the Zangarmarsh area! Sooo pretty!

Oh and do you remember my post ranting about faction changing my nightelf
with her pretty birdy-set into a cow? Well, as you can see, I did it ^^
I am super-unhappy with her new set now but whatever. I love cow ladies and
sets will change soon, right?

Oh and… THIS

…is… just wrong D:
PLEASE STOP, people 😦
You bringin’ me nightmares!

When friends turn into foes

•2009/11/24 • 8 Comments

It is a sad story.

When my boyfriend and I raided in our old guild we met another couple.
They were very funny and I liked the other girl a lot – so we spent much time together. In 25 man raids we had amusement with funny whispers while fighting and my bf did get along very well with the other guy either. We started a 10 man ToC raid together and had a lots of fun! We also talked about propably meeting in real life though they live in another country. After a couple of weeks my bf and I discussed about moving into their country as the financial income is a lot higher than in Germany – a plus would be living close to our new favorite couple 🙂

Unfortunately we lost contact after our raid guild broke apart after our guild leader quit playing. My bf and I started playing AION and were playing for a couple of weeks when finally a phone-message arrived from our friends. They told us that they faction changed and are finally happy and want to raid again!
Of course we wanted to play with them again and instantly started playing WoW again! We also faction changed to be able to play with them and I had sooo much fun whispering with the girl like in old times and everything was great! We planned to arrange our own raiding guild and have lots of fun together!

And then everything changed.

When I logged in one morning I realized that my character was guildless.
I was a little confused and recognized that my bf also had no guild tag under his name.
Our guild has been silently disbanded and when I /who’d our friends I saw they were in an another guild.
I asked my friend what happened and she said that her boyfriend and she found a new raid guild because they finally want to do 25 mans again and don’t want to spend so much time to build their own raid guild. She was sorry that they left us behind but we could also write an application and MAYBE we’d also be accepted.

That was hard.

I thought they were real friends. We only faction changed for THEM, to play with them again! Create our own sweet raid guild and have fun times! And they disbanded our guild without letting us know and are raiding with other people.

I haven’t heard any word from them after that happened.
I’m just sad. I don’t know ANYBODY on Horde side and feel pretty much left alone.

My bf (tank) and I (healer) have decent gear (232 – 245 item level) and we cannot find any guild to raid with again.
It feels weird because I used to be a priest officer in the past and I know how to play my class, I know what I am doing and I also felt quite important!
Now we can only find random raids with unfriendly people and everything feels strange.

RL – WoW gender thoughts

•2009/11/16 • 8 Comments

(I KNOW you love her new name too :D)

Yeees, we all knew it was coming 🙂
I think male trolls are really hot and their emotes and jokes are absolutely silly buuut after some days I realized I could not play a male character. I have no idea why. I am not that kind of girl that wants to be flirted with because she plays female toons and speaks in Vent or whatever… I just feel kind of “comfortable” with my female chars.
Maybe it’s because I’m a typical girl. I love to change the hairstyle and -colour of my chars very often. I enjoy dressing them in pretty clothes, making them look beautiful.

What about you?
Do you only feel “right” if you play characters with same gender?

Faction Change = Set Change

•2009/11/15 • 2 Comments

After I transfered most of my characters back to Horde side I was also playing my little druid a bit.
When I faction changed 1st time for my new Alliance guild I also took my cow druid lady with me to become a nightelf girl. In general I really love the Tauren race and would love to switch her back – BUT: The set will change either :\

I absolutely admire the Alliance druid set!
That cute bird-hat, those pretty shoulders with the tiny bags to put buff mats in it and the beautiful corsage. I love it 😀
But she’s all alone on the Alliance side now and I have no money to afford new gems or enchants and stuff… But when the Horde set comes to my mind… I’m pretty sad.

(image from MMO Champion)

My bf had a blast when his rogue finally owned the Horde set after faction change (he hated looking like a bird prostitude with his nightelf rogue lady) – but I don’t like it 😦 Dark brown leather stuff… and I like being a little bird. But… she’s all alooone!

I know.. less QQ, more pewpew, but it’s just makin’ me a sad bunny (or birdy in this case).


•2009/11/12 • 1 Comment

Umm.. Loken?

You’re doin’ it wrong D: !

Druid UI

•2009/11/11 • 6 Comments

(my nightelf lady is hiding on her huge kodo 😦 apparently she likes no photographs)

Tried a new UI for my druid and I really love the tiny leaves and wood background and stuff 😀
(It’s Btex with the druid skin if someone needs to know)

I’d love to see screenshots of your UI 😀
Feel free to post in your own blogs or comment here 🙂