Nanuki’s UI

Pretty UI is pretty important to NukNuk 😀

I have two different UI set up. First you can see my default UI and if you keep scrollin’ you’ll see my druid’s UI with lots of leaves and stuff 🙂




for my Unit Bars. Absolutely loving it as a healer and could never ever imagine healing without it!

Bartender 4

For my pretty action bars 😀

Sexy Map

For teh map to look sexy 🙂

It has many different styles but I enjoy the simple square.

Pit Bull

My Player frames. Changed it liked THOUSAND times but I am alright with this style now 🙂

Satrina’s Buff Frame

To display all your buffs in a pretty way 😀

Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text

My battle text of choice.


To keep an eye on all your important stuffies (like Gold, Armor durability, Atlas …)

And I also use:

Decursive (for decursing)

Atlas Loot (collection of loottables of bosses and other stuff to be browsed)

Bank Items (to have a summary of your alts bank and bag slots)

Chatter (for pretty chat frame with useful tools)

Deadly Boss Mods (standing in fires? NO MOAR with DBM :D)

Fishing Buddy (I love fishing!)

Gather Mate (great gather mod with importable data of all mining nodes and herbs)

MobMap (“Ack, where’s that goddamn NPC?” – “Here he is!”)

Quartz (for cast pretty bars)

Recount (just because I am curious about our damage dealers :3)

Tek’s Loot (pretty loot window!)

My druid’s UI

(You can read about a little here)


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