Nanuki’s Alts

I’m an altoholic 🙂
But as I don’t want to bother you with my millions of characters I only list my favorite level 80 alts.

In order of appearance:

NANUKI – discipline priest (80)
My main character 😀 I love her! I love priests! Oh and I love undead ladies :3
She’s playing as a discipline healer who also loves raidhealing and not being a bored tank healer. You can read more about her here.

SNUGGO – MISSMOJO – resto shaman (80)
Leveled as a draenei lady, enhancer in Burning Crusade, heal shaman in WotLK and recently turned into a male troll 😀 Gosh, I looove male troll cheers and jokes and emotes and eevrything!
[edit]: Okay, he turned into a female troll 🙂 She’s mainly a resto shaman with lots of haste and crit and she healz da crap out of da raid with her chain healz :]

FRAUMOND – resto druid (80)
Poor little druid has a large history! Being feral (and a nighelf lady) in classic, raiding resto in BC first and tanking later, transformed to a sweet tauren lady in WotLK and always playing as resto druid and finally transformed back into a nightelf when I found another raid guild. Now she’s left alone after I faction changed again ^^’ But I absolutely looove the style of druid healing!

KAORI – discipline priest (80)
Did I mention that I love priests? 😀
Stopped playing her after finishing Nanuki. I’m so glad I changed from bloofelf to undead ❤ But I enjoyed Kaori a lot in BC times.

MONDHASE – prot/heal/ret pala (80)
I tried sooo many speccs with her and I hate paladin healing but I can’t stop it D: Absolutely enjoy being prot, tanking as a paladin is soooo much fun! But as my boyfriend’s main is also a prot pala I made her specc ret – though I am not good in playing melee classes at all ;/ She used to be a bloodelf lady too.

MISSKITTY – survival hunter (80)
The only damage class I enjoy to play 🙂 Like most girls I love the feature to have a little kitty following you everywhere and defeat your tiny bloodelf-ass 😀 a little inside-joke: Her name is Misskitty and her kitty is named kitty… isn’t that… funny? :p


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