About Nanuki

// ° Nanuki, Todeswache EU
(Armory Link)
// ° 80 undead priest (discipline 4 life :D)
// ° herbalism & alchemy (& fishing & cooking)
// ° loves PuGs, raiding, crafting, mounts, vanity pets…
Used to be a sexy spacegoat draenei lady before faction change 🙂

My WoW history
My history of priests is a long story 🙂
In Vanilla i started a female nightelf priest alt I was thinking about to play more (after I had no idea about WoW in my beginners time and failed at tanking with my warrior :D). With my nightelf priest I raided a lot (Molten Core, Black Wing Lair, Zul Gurub, Ahn Quiray…) and with Burning Crusade she became my main. I raided in a lovely and successful guild (Illidan server first 😀 I loved the Black Temple and hated Mount Hyjal as HELL! Goddamn trash D: *raises fist*). When we started raiding SSC I met my today-boyfriend and fell in love in him during raids in The Eye and Black Temple and now we still play together 🙂
In the last days of BC I started a new priest (a bloodelf lady) and we leveled together on a pvp server (getting nuked as a low level healer in stranglethorn every 2 minutes makes you a sad bunny D:). We kept leveling them with WotLK but with my alt I got invited in a tiny raiding guild on an another server and as I enjoyed playing there I started a new priest again 😀 My sweet draenei lady who’s teh powerful Nanuki today!
Well and as nobody will read my long stuff for sure I’ll make it short :p

My Priest History
Vanilla – 60 nightelf priest “Mondmädchen”
Start of BC – 70 nightelf priest “Mondmädchen”
End of BC – 70 bloodelf priest “Kaori”
Start of WotLK – 80 bloodelf priest “Kaori”
End of WotLK – 80 draenei priest “Mondkätzchen”
After faction change – 80 undead priest “Nanuki”

About Nanuki in Real Life
There’s not much to say about myself 🙂
I’m 23 years old, from Germany (that’s why my english SUCKS AS HELL!), born in the north of Germany, spent 5 years in the breautiful south (Black Forrest), currently living in the west of Germany and planning to move to Switzerland 🙂
As you have propably already noticed I LOVE playing heal classes(!) and I have a big WoW history with many alts, as currently:

80 resto shaman
80 resto druid
80 prot paladin
80 disc priest (x2)
80 destro warlock
80 surv hunter
71 feral druid
71 holy priest
70 combat rogue
70 warrior (with no skill at all 😀 I fail in playing melee classes)
70 arcane mage

(YES, I had too much time D:)

Aaaalright, I hope that’s everything for now 😀
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask meh!


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