ICC and you – How to priest in the Lower Spire

Hey my fellow priesties out there 🙂
I know there have been many guides about healing in ICC but everybody has his own little hints and strategies so I’ll bring you a tiny ICC-priest-guide from a german girl who loves priests a lot and desires to talk about her own experiences 🙂 As I am playing both, discipline and holy, I’ll add seperate comments so both ways are covered. (YES THEY MADE ME GO HOLY AND I LIKE IT! D: isn’t that weird?)

Of course this guide is about how I am doing it!
If you are feeling better using other spells or other strategies in general, please don’t feel bothered 🙂

Lord Marrowgar

Yes, you know him all! Mister Boooonestooooorm with his spikes and flames, he’s an annoying guy for healers – buuuut we can do it 😀


– Keep shielding them! Flash and Penance as you standards of course
– I prefer casting PoM on a tank so it’ll jump from tank to tank when they’re getting saber lashed
– If you are a disc priest who doesn’t avoid Renew also keep it up on the tanks. It’s no big heal but at least it is one, right? 😉
Shield the bone spike victims and flash to top them if the other raid healers are slow
– Before Bonestorm starts try to shield as many raid members as possible and keep shielding while Marrowgar is running around. PoM is also a huge help!


-Of course I’m a raid healer here but it’s NEVER wrong to help the tank healers, so: PoM the tanks when ready, keep Renew on every tank. In 25man raids I CoH the tanks if all of them aren’t topped, that’s a huge boost!
Renew the bone spike victims, CoH or flash if they are low
– While Marrowgar is bonestorming cast CoH on cooldown, PoM on low people, Renew the raid while CoH is on cooldown. Flash if somebody drops very low.

Special Notes:

– DON’T stand in the fire! 🙂
– If you stand IN his hitbox BEHIND this guy, you’re in a fireless safe-zone
– After Bonestorm Marrowgar has an aggro reset! So cast Fade ~2 seconds before the Bonestorm ends – oh and please NEVER stand next to the tanks so you’ll get cleaved and onehitted! This is epic fail :/
– If you shield and renew yourself you don’t need to run around like a chicken while he’s bonestorming. Don’t stand in fires, watch your own health and heal your raid!
– This is a general hint but if a healer dies and the entire raid is low pop Divine Hymn! This will help a lot.

Lady Deathwhisper


– Of course keep shields up like always!
– Watch the tank who’s kiting a Deformed Fanatic! (doing double damage, I’ve often seen the tank being nearly onehitted)
PoM on cd and top them with Penance and flash as always. Ack, of course you know it!
Shield as much as you can, PoM into a group of people standing in death and decay when it spawns so if you’re lucky it will jump around in that area.
– Keep an eye on the ghost victims in phase 2 because people tend to forget about the ghosts and get hit – so if you see a ghost spawns, figure out to whom he’s running and shield + PoM that person – it will save his/her life!
– If you wish to, you can help with PoH in phase 2 after Lady Deathwhispers frostbold volley. In 25man raid I personally top the tank-group first and continue with the group the healers are in (if my raidleader managed to arrange them correctly!)


Renew and PoM always helps!
CoH on a tank when the melees are standing in death and decay (or melees get accidentally cleaved)
– If you are one of the great holy priests with the body and soul talent, shield the tank who’s kiting the Deformed Fanatic! He’ll love you!

– If a death and decay spawns PoM + CoH into the group with the debuff
Renew victims of Miss Deathwhispers frostbolts if you have nothing to do and if the other raid healers are afk 😉
– Like I mentioned in the disc priest section PoH the tank group first when Lady Deathwhisper casts her volley – then the healer group and if the raid isn’t topped yet, keep casting PoH in low groups or CoH
– If you have the body and soul talent feel free to shield ghost victims when they are running away from the spawns, it’s pretty helpful (if no disc priest shielded them before)

Gunship Battle

The gunship-fight is cake.
My guild always makes jokes about how easy it is and who fails in gunship-battle is a noob – but of course that’s exactly the time when our tank forgot to equip the jet pack or one of our healers fell off the gunship 😀 So of course it’s easy but be aware of stupid little mistakes!


– Keep them alive! The tank who jumps over to the other ship will get a LOT of damage! So focus on him/ her! Standing on the border of your ship next to the enemy’s ship is best. Shield + Penance + flash as fast as you can without any interrupts, keep casting!
– The tank who’ll stay on our ship will be punished by a wounding strike which lowers the healing, but that’s nothing serious. One of the raid healers will be able to top this easily
– Don’t expect massive raid damage here. Shield people who are getting shot by the other ship’s riflemen. Watch the meeles who’re assiting the tank on your own ship because there’s a whirlwind action going on 🙂


– As I mentioned above the tank who jumps over to the enemy ship will get most damage, so you should also stand close to the other ship and keep an eye on him. You can easily Renew and flash him from this point and also CoH the meele group on your own ship/ Renew the riflemen-victims.
Renew / CoH people who get shot by riflemen or attacked by a whirlwind/ by other stupid stuff.
– Did I already mention that gunship battle is cake? :p

Special Notes:

– Watch out for the orange runes on the floor! You don’t have to move if you are shielding and hotting yourself if the enemy’s-ship-tank gains a LOT of damage and he’d die if you’ll move – but if the tank is safe, move out!

Deathbringer Saurfang

Oh sweet times when this was an easy-shielding-fight for us! But of course Blizzard wants us to be stressed out soo shields aren’t absorbing as much as they used to do. But at least holy priests aren’t forced to pick an alternative disc spec anymore now and your raid still loves you with a holy tree here 😀 (at least mine does *is happy bunny*)


– You know it. Keep the weakened soul debuff up, shielding them whenever it’s possible. flash & Penance, pew pew! PoM is also useful.
– It is still important to ALWAYS instantly shield people who are afflicted with boiling blood! In 25man raids as a discipline priest your only mission will be: shielding those victims!


Renew + PoM + CoH are your friends.
– If you have no discipline priest in your raid, shielding the people who have the boiling blood debuff is first priority! If there’s a good disc priest in your setup feel free to renew those people or PoM + CoH if they’re standing close together

Special Notes:

Mark of the Fallen Champion!
(it’s exact discription: Causes Deathbringer Saurfang’s melee attacks to splash to this target, inflicting 5,700 to 6,300 additional Physical damage. If the target dies while under this effect Saurfang is healed for 5% of his total health. Cannot be dispelled or removed by any means, including death)
If you aren’t completely busy with shielding, please please keep an eye on the Mark-victim! Renew, PoM, flash, everything is helpful, just don’t let him die! (but listen to your raidleader, some raids don’t heal the first Mark and let the victim die)

I’ll continue with Plagueworks soon 🙂

Putricide, be aware of us good priests who will fill you with pain with our holyness 😀
..or… something… like that.. 😀
*shakes fist*


~ by nanuki on 2010/03/07.

One Response to “ICC and you – How to priest in the Lower Spire”

  1. one or two teeny weeny addition’s to Boss 1: As DPS or Healer: Stay Put! The middle is the best place to be while he bonestorms, cause the amount of damage per second/player will be the lowest as you can very effectivly use all your AOE Heals. And with 20/25% buff shielding is lol-o-overpowered (13 K shield anyone?)

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