Recent Nukis #2

Hey there 🙂
Once again I have to apologize for not writing for many weeks but at least I have a little to show now 🙂

I fiiiinally recieved the prettiest mount ever: Anzuuuuuu *squeeees*! Gosh, so pretty!
So comfortable placing my cow-butt on his back 😀

With my new raid group we finally saw and downed Festergut yesterday
(we had 5 random-people joining us, so I think it’s not bad!)
Finally a fight being a holy priest is fun again (PoH glyph is pure love!)

My Nuki recieved green ugly new shoulders!

I also finished my cooking-outfit (still need cookies mainhand ^^’)

I am also working on my fishing achievements but the saturdays Kalu’ak fishing derby sucks! 😦
I am SO WELL prepared but after 2 or 3 minutes somebody already finished and won… that’s annoying.

Oh and I have a new project:
I play a tiny resto shaman on alliance side only visiting instances.
It’s a lot of fun (until you get Razorfen 10 times…)

*sigh* I love healing!


~ by nanuki on 2010/01/29.

One Response to “Recent Nukis #2”

  1. Grats on the mount! And I love the cooking outfit – so perfect!

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