Halls of Reflection = Halls of Dooooom!

(dam dam dammmm!)

Oooookay. Basics first.
My boyfriend wants the battared hilt. He wants it VERY BAD!
So after gearing ALL of our twinks (don’t even DARE to guess how many we got!) in the three new heroics with everything they could possibly need (Usual cenario: “Hey… your resto druid could also need that kitty dps neck, couldn’t she? Nobody rolls on it, so take it!” – “But I never wish to play kitty-” – “TAKE IT!”) the battered hilt only dropped ONE TIME and of course he didn’t win.
So now I am stuck in FoS, PoS and HoR EVERY DAY with at least three of my characters with three of my bf’s characters since weeks and guess what: it does – not – drop!

I hate tanking to pieces but I equipped my paladin with tank stuff either to be able to tank for my bf (and his terrrrible hilt!) and I also run with my resto druid or mage but it still hides in any various corpse. I don’t even think it’s a pretty sword and nothing makes it special to me but if he wants it, he’ll get it! *raises fist*

We will keep on farming those crappy houses to fiiiinally get him Quel’Delar!
(Do you hear me battered hilt? Please 😀 Drop, ok? I cannot stand these annoying instances anymore! Just DROP! D:)

(little Nanuki rezzing some teammate who couldn’t know that she was ENRAGED
about farming HoR everyday and had to die due to her WRATH! … sorry man!)


~ by nanuki on 2010/01/02.

One Response to “Halls of Reflection = Halls of Dooooom!”

  1. tankin’ for your boyfriend and his terrible hilt …. yeah sounds kinda kinky ^^

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