Holy shieht, he’s back! And too much WoW is too much.

Something great happened 😀
My favorite sarcastic, funny and (of course) awesome Holy Dueg is back!!
We must celebrate :] I can’t wait to see new of his insanely hilarious comic strips!

And after a little holiday break:

I know they are over now but I hope you had a great time with your friends and family and did not play WoW too much 😉

When it comes to my playtime I am a little thoughtful atm.
As I had to deal with one sad year of unemployment I – on the other hand – had a lot of time for WoW stuffs.
But yesterday I unintentially discovered this:

(I hope you discover my paladin’s
epic name :D)

Sooo many alts with emblems over and over 😦
I don’t have to mention that most of them are well equipped (and after dinging 80 with my mage it only took 3 days to get her full T9 with the new system.. that’s insane if you think about how much time you spent in ToC to get all your emblems or triumph.. *sigh*).
It’s a little shocking that I spent so much time with World of Warcraft and as I looove leveling I can’t limit to one character… gnah. I think I should take a little break after all my bad experiences lately. The new LFG system makes me sad bunny because nobody in my group isn’t talking anymore. Everybody rolls need for everything and it’s just… like WoW lost his soul or something 😦

Do you feel like this too?


~ by nanuki on 2009/12/28.

2 Responses to “Holy shieht, he’s back! And too much WoW is too much.”

  1. I’m glad Dueg’s back too! (Tentatively, anyway, haha)

    I agree with you – it’s quite lonely now that no one’s talking in groups and rolling then leaving without so much as a thank you.

  2. Not only has the new Pug-finder make it seem like WoW has lost it’s soul, but it makes it next to impossible to make new friends on your realm. For five years that was how i made new friends and met new players. Now, i feel like a stranger unless I am in a guild. sigh.

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