Recent Nukis :)

Hey folks πŸ˜€
I’m a stoopid little priest… I had some minor email-account problems and your sweet comments have not been referred via email and I thought nobody would read my boring stuff anymore and thought about quitting my blog… gnah. But I recently discovered your kind comments and want to say sorry for my little delay of posting πŸ™‚ You are wonderful! And I wish you a great patch-day! As I live in Europe I have to wait until tomorrow πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see the new lfg tool and the icecrown citadelle in live!

Well I’ve done some profession-stuff lately.
Like a lot of cooking

(This was like HELL! Without special seasonal reciepes I had to go to
Dire Maul and other weird old instances and some days ago I FINALLY
got 160 reciepes! Sadly my bf told me AFTER I did that achievement that
I don’t need it to become a “chef” … u_u’ Now only ONE shattrath cooking
quest is missing! And only a few awards to obtain the chef hat :D)

Confused Nanuki running through Dire Maul, hunting the annoying imp who
has her last cooking reciepe! STOP RUNNING, LITTLE GUY D: !

I also did some fishing action πŸ™‚
After I also recieved the special coin on my old priest main I also want it for my
new one! I enjoyed fishing in the night when it’s finally pretty empty around the

Fishing the lurker with my bf was soooo funny πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
He (rogue): “I’ll try it first so you don’t have to die!” (wants to be my hero)
Me: “Eh… but I can… levitate… and… teh little fishes…-”
He: “AAACK, the fishes killed meeeh!”

But after buffing levitate him and myself we walked over to him and fished him
out of his watery prison πŸ™‚ This was kind of funney too! He spawned, I was running
away in fear but my bf just kept staying in front of his face.
Me: “Eh… don’t you wish to… vanish or something?”
He: “But the lurker isn’t in aggro-mode, you see? :D”
And he was instantly killed, ahahaha ^^

Booty Bay fishing contest was… well… let’s say I wasn’t
the best participant ^^’
But an evil <s>and ugly</s> male draenei KEPT putting
his lure into my schools D:
Can’t wait to participate the Kaluak derby!

I love the Zangarmarsh area! Sooo pretty!

Oh and do you remember my post ranting about faction changing my nightelf
with her pretty birdy-set into a cow? Well, as you can see, I did it ^^
I am super-unhappy with her new set now but whatever. I love cow ladies and
sets will change soon, right?

Oh and… THIS

…is… just wrong D:
PLEASE STOP, people 😦
You bringin’ me nightmares!


~ by nanuki on 2009/12/08.

One Response to “Recent Nukis :)”

  1. I love working on the cooking and fishing achievements – aren’t they fun?

    I also like the way you have your bars set up on your UI!

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