When friends turn into foes

It is a sad story.

When my boyfriend and I raided in our old guild we met another couple.
They were very funny and I liked the other girl a lot – so we spent much time together. In 25 man raids we had amusement with funny whispers while fighting and my bf did get along very well with the other guy either. We started a 10 man ToC raid together and had a lots of fun! We also talked about propably meeting in real life though they live in another country. After a couple of weeks my bf and I discussed about moving into their country as the financial income is a lot higher than in Germany – a plus would be living close to our new favorite couple 🙂

Unfortunately we lost contact after our raid guild broke apart after our guild leader quit playing. My bf and I started playing AION and were playing for a couple of weeks when finally a phone-message arrived from our friends. They told us that they faction changed and are finally happy and want to raid again!
Of course we wanted to play with them again and instantly started playing WoW again! We also faction changed to be able to play with them and I had sooo much fun whispering with the girl like in old times and everything was great! We planned to arrange our own raiding guild and have lots of fun together!

And then everything changed.

When I logged in one morning I realized that my character was guildless.
I was a little confused and recognized that my bf also had no guild tag under his name.
Our guild has been silently disbanded and when I /who’d our friends I saw they were in an another guild.
I asked my friend what happened and she said that her boyfriend and she found a new raid guild because they finally want to do 25 mans again and don’t want to spend so much time to build their own raid guild. She was sorry that they left us behind but we could also write an application and MAYBE we’d also be accepted.

That was hard.

I thought they were real friends. We only faction changed for THEM, to play with them again! Create our own sweet raid guild and have fun times! And they disbanded our guild without letting us know and are raiding with other people.

I haven’t heard any word from them after that happened.
I’m just sad. I don’t know ANYBODY on Horde side and feel pretty much left alone.

My bf (tank) and I (healer) have decent gear (232 – 245 item level) and we cannot find any guild to raid with again.
It feels weird because I used to be a priest officer in the past and I know how to play my class, I know what I am doing and I also felt quite important!
Now we can only find random raids with unfriendly people and everything feels strange.


~ by nanuki on 2009/11/24.

8 Responses to “When friends turn into foes”

  1. That is really a sad story. :/ I’m sorry you had to discover what your friends really were. Some people only live to their own advantage and leave you in the dust if necessary. Wie sagt man so schön in deutsch, jeder ist sich selbst der nächste. *sigh*

    Actually you should bill the rude couple all your faction changing costs since you two only changed for them. *shakesfist* I hope you find a new home soon. *hug*

    • Danke dir, Fia 🙂
      Ich bin auch immer noch total enttäuscht, weil wir eben auch zwischenmenschlich so gut klar gekommen sind und uns sogar schon besuchen wollten. Aber naja.. bei manchen ist die Gier und Hast nach items wohl zu groß 🙂
      Umso größere Genugtuung hatte ich, als ich gesehen habe, dass die beiden wieder aus ihrer neuen Gilde rausgeschmissen wurden 😉

  2. I’ve had a very similar experience myself. I realm-changed for a friend of mine to play with her. As soon as I did she quits the game leaving me there for …30 days or however long the limit used to be.

    I’m sure you two can find a new guild to raid with, be it on that server or not. Good luck ^-^

    • Aww, that’s mean :/ Pulling you out of your known server with all your friends and leaving you alone then. That’s cruel 😦 Did you switch back or are you still lost on the new server? 😦

      Thanl you very much!
      We found a small but very friendly guild and I am very happy with my new friends there 🙂

  3. Aw shit that’s horrible :/ sorry to hear that, hope something comes up soon xx

  4. Aww 😦 It’s really a shame when people treat others like that in game. It happens too often, really. I think what irritated me the most when reading your story was the fact that they called to tell you they faction changed and such. That sure made it sound like they wanted to play with you again. To me, that’s different than the two of you whispering on alts and then you decide to faction change to join her main or something, y’know?

    I hope you find a new, friendly guild though. *hugs*

    • I am very disappointed about that story, yes.
      I thought we were kind of “real life”-friends too but as I said, after they suddenly deleted our guild and joined their new one I have never heard anything again.
      It’s a little cheer-up when I lately saw them without guild tag and heard they have been kicked out 😉

      Luckily my bf and I found a very sweet and tiny guild we are very happy with now on Horde side!

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