RL – WoW gender thoughts

(I KNOW you love her new name too :D)

Yeees, we all knew it was coming 🙂
I think male trolls are really hot and their emotes and jokes are absolutely silly buuut after some days I realized I could not play a male character. I have no idea why. I am not that kind of girl that wants to be flirted with because she plays female toons and speaks in Vent or whatever… I just feel kind of “comfortable” with my female chars.
Maybe it’s because I’m a typical girl. I love to change the hairstyle and -colour of my chars very often. I enjoy dressing them in pretty clothes, making them look beautiful.

What about you?
Do you only feel “right” if you play characters with same gender?


~ by nanuki on 2009/11/16.

8 Responses to “RL – WoW gender thoughts”

  1. I used to feel that way, however I’ve definitely changed a lot. Especially now that I’ve discovered that some races I can only play as the opposite gender. For example, blood elves. I can’t stand the female ones but I think the guy ones are hot soooo… >_>

    When I am on my male blood elf hunter people assume I’m a guy, oh well XD

  2. I can’t bring myself to play male characters. I have no idea why, I just can’t. I’m not a girly girly (despite all my joking around), but playing anything other than a female just feels weird.

  3. My characters are always a mix, though lately I’ve been playing more and more female characters over male. Still, my oldest-played character is a guy and he’s also one of my favorites. (I also most often play on a roleplay server.)

    My main is a kind of butch (big horns) female Tauren with a non-girly name, and I don’t talk on Vent, so a lot of times people refer to me as a guy. :>

  4. My only female toon I play anymore is my druid. And she’s a cow. 😦 But I can’t bring myself to make her male when she was the cutest night elf forever. I’m just impatiently waiting to turn her into a cute troll woman.
    All my other horde toons are male though. >.> Because they are blood elves… And how can you have a belf pally and NOT make him gay?

  5. I just feel wrong when playing male characters, I like giving my toons cute names, changing their hair, getting pets ect…and all of that would look a little funny if I was a male toon 😛

  6. I choose to play female characters as well, for the same reasons you do – I like to change their hair and have them wear pretty clothes. But I think that I just related to female characters more than I do male characters.

    I think that if I ever did play a male character it would be a male gnome, but it would have a large comedy factor in it too 🙂

  7. I primarily play female characters as well, mostly because I think they’re just prettier in some of the gear I often set out to get. Thats pretty much how character creation goes for me.. “Oh, what a awesome looking set.. *Creates the required class with suitable race and gender*”

    I used to play a male Human Mage, who I loved roleplaying with though – it was a bit strange, but that’s why it was fun!

  8. Yeah I tried to play a male tauren once because I think they’re awesome, but it didn’t last very long, just felt uncomfortable playing a male character.

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