Faction Change = Set Change

After I transfered most of my characters back to Horde side I was also playing my little druid a bit.
When I faction changed 1st time for my new Alliance guild I also took my cow druid lady with me to become a nightelf girl. In general I really love the Tauren race and would love to switch her back – BUT: The set will change either :\

I absolutely admire the Alliance druid set!
That cute bird-hat, those pretty shoulders with the tiny bags to put buff mats in it and the beautiful corsage. I love it πŸ˜€
But she’s all alone on the Alliance side now and I have no money to afford new gems or enchants and stuff… But when the Horde set comes to my mind… I’m pretty sad.

(image from MMO Champion)

My bf had a blast when his rogue finally owned the Horde set after faction change (he hated looking like a bird prostitude with his nightelf rogue lady) – but I don’t like it 😦 Dark brown leather stuff… and I like being a little bird. But… she’s all alooone!

I know.. less QQ, more pewpew, but it’s just makin’ me a sad bunny (or birdy in this case).


~ by nanuki on 2009/11/15.

2 Responses to “Faction Change = Set Change”

  1. Ya know, I actually don’t wear my cow drood hat. From the side it makes it look like I have a bobble head. :\

  2. I know how you feel except despite the way Blizzard has made our Female Tauren clothing look a bit dated, I sometimes have an itch to change my first character on Feathermoon, Cathrin, into a Tauren Druid. If I do get some extra cash next month, I’ll look into it.

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