Druid UI

(my nightelf lady is hiding on her huge kodo 😦 apparently she likes no photographs)

Tried a new UI for my druid and I really love the tiny leaves and wood background and stuff 😀
(It’s Btex with the druid skin if someone needs to know)

I’d love to see screenshots of your UI 😀
Feel free to post in your own blogs or comment here 🙂


~ by nanuki on 2009/11/11.

6 Responses to “Druid UI”

  1. Oh wow, I LOVE the leaves! Thats a gorgeous UI!

    You have a really good eye for graphics and colours, are you an artist IRL?

    • Isn’t it? 😀 I did not create it myself, as you can see above I linked the site where you can find the druid pattern for the addon.

  2. o.O ty for the link 🙂

  3. was for the link to my blog:P i love my UI and i dont think i will change it.

  4. It is lovely…

  5. […] Window to my World Nanuki recently made a post about her druid’s new UI, and I found it pretty interesting. I always […]

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