A non-tank’s view of tanking classes

Kadomi, one of my favorite bloggers, wrote about her view of favorite incoming heals. Basically which healing-class she likes the most to recieve healz from and it was pretty interesting to read. So after ~5 years of playing a healer of course I had many different experiences with all tanking classes and I also thought about what’s my favorite.

PALADIN – I believe I never ever had ANY bad experience with a paladin tank.
In BC times my guild had a great one (we did Shattered Halls heroic in 20 minutes, If I remember correctly, he simply never stopped pulling and running ^^Β  that was so much fun”) and with WotLK they even got buffed. After the expansion almost all the tanks I’ve raided with were paladins (and rarely warriors). After placing their consecration no single mob ever did escape and as a healer I never did worry about how many mobs would come – Mister (or Miss) Paladin would tank it all! So if it’s my choice in general I’d always pick a paladin to tank for me. As a big plus my bf’s main character is a prot paladin too and we are a great team! Nobody will stop a prot pala & a disc priest πŸ˜€ (except from 2vs2 in arena, I SUCK when it comes to pvp battles D:)

DRUID – Hell, I remember the overpowered ferals in BC! One of our tanks for Black Temple was a druid and hell, he tanked the crap out of the incoming crowds! My druid alt switched from resto to feral too for BC heroics and I enjoyed tanking with that class. It wasn’t difficult and swipe was my happy-button πŸ˜‰ But with WotLK I feel bears to be much weaker. I’ve tried to tank once in Utgarde and miserably failed. I’ve rarely seen feral tanks in raids or heroics since the expansion was released. One of my first raid leaders in WotLK was a druid tank but I always kept my shield and evasion ready because he was very slow. He didn’t even use swipe for bigger groups until my bf suggested him to do so. I always thought “okay, no big deal, he’s learning and there are many pro druid tanks out there in Nordrend!” but I haven’t seen any lately :\ Propably my server is full of trees and owls and druid tanking isn’t popular here… I don’t know. My personal experiences have not been the best and ferals seam a little week and squishy to me and I never felt very safe 😦 Sorry to all ferals out there, feel free to correct me and show off your pro-ness :)!

DEATHKNIGHT – Of course I was curious when the expansion came out. My bf decided to play a deathknight many weeks before WotLK started and when it finally did both of us were thrilled to see how tanking would work with that class. I have to admit he never disappointed me! With all that death and decay, frost AE stuff, silence and all their diseases they are a well-balanced tanking-class! I have rarely seen other DK tanks in heroics and raids beside my sweetheart but the ones I’ve played with were pretty good.
But as I have not many experiences with a wide spectrum of DK tanks I cannot give a big summary. Just a solid tanking class in my opinion.

WARRIOR – THEΒ  tanking class in Classic. Do you remember? I believe I NEVER met any other class in a raid who was tanking. I remember my old guild leader to bar one of our resto druids from tanking though she wanted to try sooo bad in raids! Everybody laughed at her when she collected decent feral gear but I knew the time would come πŸ˜‰ Well in BC the warrior wasn’t alone anymore but 50% our main tanks still were warriors and I always felt safe with them in the front. In WotLK I feel a little different. As I mentioned above most of the instances I run are headed by protection paladins and in my last raiding guild we also had one warrior but… I don’t know how to discribe it… he was just… strange? When we did ToC heroic (umm, I’m talking about the 10 man Trial of the Crusader in heroic mode… is it ToGC? eek, I’m sorry, my english is truely lacking when it comes to special WoW related terms D:) and I was selected to heal the warrior tank – I just freaked out. His HP fell from 45.000 to 6.000 with one hit and I healed my ass off. When I changed targets with the other healer I recieved whispers like “wth is he wearing, cloth?! How did you heal THAT??” and I was a little released – but: I have no idea why he got smashed that hard. He had the best gear of all our tanks and the prot paladin tanking with him was easily to heal. I’m still confused.
I often hear warrior tanks are most difficult to play. My first character I raided with was a warrior (only in BWL and I was pretty new to WoW) and I’m impressed by every prot warrior as I really sucked playing one. All that thunder armor and heroic strike and shield slamming stuff… just confusing me πŸ™‚ I know many things changed since Vanilla and feel free to comment about that but a warrior still seams to be the most complicated tank class in World of Warcraft.

Just my little two cents based on my experiences.

And a big THANK YOU to all tanks out there!
We, the healers, love you for getting smashed, spitted on, or whatever in place of us and without you we were nothing πŸ™‚ Keep up your great work!

Love, Nuki πŸ™‚


~ by nanuki on 2009/11/09.

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