My faction change experiences

Yes, I believe I am 50% of Blizzard’s faction-change-income šŸ˜‰

As you propably know I have tons of alts on both sides and when faction change (and later race change) came out I freaked out! I was like “Holy shiiieht, I want thaaat!” and as I recently found a new raiding guild on Alliance side I decided to bring my horde characters there!
Unfortunately the guild turned out to be a disaster after our beloved guild master left. She was such a cute girl and friendly leader but after she quit playing everytbody started hating the others, lots of bitching and backstabbing happened and my bf and I decided to quit. After testing AION for a couple of weeks we found out that two good friends we found in the old guild faction changed to Horde so we immediately faction changed back again šŸ˜€

You know about her :p Miss Nanuki, my main.
She was the 3rd priest I leveled (EXTRA started her on alliance side to be able to raid with a priest in that guild but shortly after I finished her the disaster started D:). As I have a big love for draenei girls I had a hard time thinking about faction change. I loved her cute butt, the tail, the pretty glowing eyes and everything – but as I ALWAYS desired to own an undead priestess it was an easy change. I really enjoy it to be undead now šŸ˜€ Big Hooray for undead ladies!

Umm… my another priest ^^’
Propably you read about my priest history – she was my first priest, left alone on my first server but as she owns the incredible beautiful pink netherdrake I wanted to play her again! So she became an undead lady and after my main was undead too I decided to change her into a beautiful human. Can’t wait to make her my 3rd lvl 80 priest šŸ™‚ ā¤

Haha my sweet draenei lady turned into a cool troll šŸ˜€
I love those troll jokes, emotes and stuff, cannot get enough of that cool bro! Though I miss my little draenei ladies now!
I should propably add that he’s my first male character. I always leveled female toons as I love to be a woman and could not think of being male in game but it isn’t that complicated. Guys finally stop asking me if I were a girl, make no silly jokes or even flirt with me. I’m just a chilled troll guy who loves healing. Period šŸ™‚

The gnome mage was one of my first characters I’ve ever played. And I still have NO idea why I created a gnome! I am sorry for all gnome fans but I cannot stand their jokes and animations and everything so I was happy like a child when faction change was announced. Okay, a bloodelf lady isn’t the best choice but as I already have an undead girl as my main and I don’t wish to be a shoe-less troll lady I decided to change her into a bloodelf girl šŸ™‚

When it comes to my druid I am very sad.
I loooove cow girls! Tauren ladys are so cute, I loved leveling her, the whole Tauren race is something I really enjoy. Calm, friendly, a close relationship to nature.
But when I changed to Alliance I wanted my druid too and I had no other choice but nightelf šŸ˜¦ Of course nightelf ladies are beautiful and have pretty faces but I was a very sad bunny when I “lost” my tauren girl. It was a big deal for me. She also changed from resto to kitty as we already had a bunch of resto druids and nobody needed the dps leather stuff. But as I loved being a healer it made me sad again.
So she’s left alone on the alliance side now but as I have more money I’ll bring her back again to the dark side šŸ˜€

I also faction changed my paladin and a couple of other characters but I’m not playing them often atm.

What kind of faction change experiences did you made?
Did you enjoy it? Did you regret any change? Or anything else to say about it?

Would love to hear about your feelings when it comes to faction/ race changes šŸ™‚


~ by nanuki on 2009/11/08.

7 Responses to “My faction change experiences”

  1. I wanted to do Faction change, problem is, I’m an achievement freak and I’d hate to lose the quests I’ve done, redo Argent Tournament, open up the Shadow Vault, Loremaster, it’d kill me too much having to do all of that again (I don’t have Loremaster but I’m working on it) so sadly I’m stuck as Horde on my main, and I like my Blood Elf too much to think about a tauren/orc/troll hunter. Perhaps I’ll make use of the faction/race changes one day, but not just yet.

    • Yeah, losing the Argent Tournament progress sucks. I bought the pretty white nightelf tiger with my draenei and luckily I still have it after faction change – now it’s a pretty red bird šŸ™‚
      I hope you find a dicision which makes you happy!

  2. Eek! How on earth did you afford all that? Are faction switches cheaper in the EU?

    It’s cool to see screenshots of your gear on characters of different races. I especially like the night elf -> undead -> human.

    • They are 20 Euros if I remember correctly and I spent too much but I couldn’t help ;/
      Thank you, I really like my priest with her T6 in human form now šŸ™‚

  3. Wow I think you’re right you are probably funding Blizzard all by yourself!
    The gnome looks why better as a belf though…gnomes are only good for squishing!!!
    Thanks fo your comment on my region guides,

  4. I faction changed my Tauren warrior to a Night Elf. I had convinced myself that it would be ok, that I would grow to love the Night Elf, but I just can’t stand it. So… I’m definitely regretting that decision. Perhaps not as much as losing all the quests for my achievement. :[

    I’m glad that you’ve had a good experience with it though! I think that if I ever did faction change my Draenei priest, I would make her an Undead priest as well. They look awesome :]

    • I am very sad to hear about your negative experiences šŸ˜¦ If you are close to your characters in kind of a emotional way it is suprisingly hard to see them in an another “form”. I was happy when I could change my skinny bloodelf ladies into hot draenei but I muss my Tauren girl a lot. It’s kind of weird… exspecially for my draenei girl who is a male troll now.
      I hope you’ll find happyness again if you’ll change back! *hugs

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