Fail discipline priests

I am proud to be a discipline healer!
I truely am! I LOVE healing with that spec to pieces and would never change back to holy (unless they need my 2nd spec in a special fight). But my recent experiences with some kind of fail-priests really got me down.

With the beginning of WotlK the discipline priest became pretty famous and was buffed a lot. When I joined PuGs I often got a whisper like “omg, you are not holy but I invited you to be our healer! omg leave grp!” and though I explained that discipline is a heal built too I got kicked. Today some people still seam to be not informed about priest abilities and I still recieved confused messages sometimes but I think the general image has changed. In many cases a discipline priest is the best choice in a couple of fights and I would not like to miss my shields and bubbles and stuff in raids.

BUT – recently I discovered special priests who were true fail ones!
I am no mean person but HOLY CRAP, all of them wearing 245 item level gear and appeareantly have NO idea what the hell they are doing! And this time I feel blamed and a little down. They make me realize why some people are claiming that disc priests cannot heal at all.
I do not wish to rant without any reason so I’ll give you 3 examples I stumbled upon in the past.

(At first I want to apologize for my crappy english – as always! It’s not my native languarge but I am trying :D)

FAIL PRIEST 1 – the confused holy priest
Her raidlead made her spec disc because they needed one and she has absolutely no idea what to do. Her gear is full of spirit, so are exspecially her trinkets (and she has nothing to change). A disc guide? NO WAY! She’s playing her character since years, she doesn’t need a guide! She casts Renew on every raid member, Powerword: Shield grows lonely (and unused) in the spellbook and she’s crying a lot because she “misses her uber group heals” and wants to be holy again because she’s on the bottom of Recount.

FAIL PRIEST 2 – the cocky one
Hell yes, he’s a disc priest! Everybody on their knees and praising please! He also is the raid leader and claims he can heal TotC on his own – but fails. If an another friendly heal class offers to assist him he will be kicked out of the raid and Mr. Cocky priest fails again. He fills the raid chat with rants about the terrible damage dealers and blaims them till they leave the raid. Mister Cocky one only uses Penance and Powerword: Shield. No need for a flash heal! But of course he can heal 10man raids on his own. Oh, and so can he with 25man’s!

FAIL PRIEST 3 – the tunnel-visioned tank healer
She knows disc priests are great for tank healing! And that’s was she definitely can do! She heals her ass off healing the MT with no mercy – finally getting a tunnel vision. She ignores the raid frames, she keeps standing in fires (or voidzones or whatever the boss wants you to deal with) and often dies. She knows all her spells very well but never puts a heal on the offtank or raid even when her tank-target gets no damage or isn’t tanking atm at all.

OF COURSE nobody is perfect and so aren’t I! I am learning every day and also make mistakes, don’t get me wrong! But the experiences with this kind of priests made me really sad. Last night I joined a PuG for Trial of the Crusader (10 man) with my heal shaman alt. The other healer was a mix of Mr. Cocky and the tunnel visioned one. She didn’t allow us to enter Ventrilo and threatened us with kicking the 3 lowest dps classes after the first fight (when he went shadow in an another boss fight he did less damage than our tank did…). She told me to heal the group and he’d do the tanks. I agreed and we died at the Valkyrs as the tank died. She blamed me and the tank (wth?) and both of us were kicked. I didn’t bother at all because the whole atmosphere was terrible – but seriously: what the hell?


~ by nanuki on 2009/11/06.

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