As my boyfriend and I recently tried AION in a little break of World of Warcraft I
could compare both games in many aspects and definitely want to share these with
you! Maybe you also tested AION or thinking about to change or whatever 🙂 I hope
I can give you a good review of that game (and I desperately hope I won’t bother you
with terrible english D:).

I have to admit that I was soooo excited when we finally bought AION! I couldn’t
resist jumping in the store, cheering all the time and wondering how would it be and
I’m sure I blamed my bf a lot this day 😀 So when we were at home I instantly installed
it and was a little confused at first. The whole paying options and the AION website
itself was a little confusing if you are used to WoW’s easy BattleNet accounts. But
after a couple of minutes I could finally dive into the world of AION!

I’m sure if you already heard about AION one of your first impressions was the
character design. GOSH, there are sooo many options, not even the colour of your
eyes, lips, hair and skin, you can also choose the size of your eyes, cheeks, lips, eyebrows,
you can make your legs longer, chest smaller, waist bigger, neck longer aaand so on!
I was really flashed by the whole design – you can even select different voices! I can tell
you I spent MANY hours because there are sooo many different hairstyles and all of
them are lovely! Yes, it was really fun 🙂

The quest mechanics are similar to the WoW quest mechanics. You open your
questlog with J (GODDAMMIT, everytime I’m in WoW I try to open my questlog via
my J-key, gaaah, me is a fail-gamer now D;), you can select them on the left and read
more on the right. You even see the experience, gold and the rewards you will gain.
What’s absolutely GREAT in AION is the
included mobmap! Every NPC or area or
whatever you need for the quest is highlighted in blue (like you can see on the upper
right “Loriniah”) and if you click on these links the world map opens and shows you
the spawn point of that creature. That’s absolutely lovely! AION definitely learned
from the other MMOPRGs, that’s what I can say!
Something new to me were
“campaign” quests. These are longer quest rows you only
get experience and rewards at the end – but those are pretty good in most cases! For
example you enter a new quest area you get a campaign quest to explore the enemy
area of evil hamsters (YES, this one exists for real!). After finishing that you have to
kill 10 hamsters. After this you have to deliver 10 hamster tails (or whatever). And
finally you shall bring these to an NPC in the capital city. And NOW you recieve tons
of EP, money (gold is called “Kinah” in AION) and in most cases a great item, like a new
dress or weapon or whatever. I like that system, it makes me having fun in finishing
all the quests because I know I’ll get a pretty new item if I do everything 🙂

Of course I also have to talk about these too 🙂
When I started AION I was a little confused about the stats (sorry for the picture being in german, I have no english client, my bad 😦 I’ll try to translate:

+1 Robes of the Wise
Valency Daeva
Type                Cloth
Cannot be traded, unsalable, storing in the
legion-depot is not possible, the look coudn’t be changed.
Available for level 30 or higher
Phys. Defense          70 (+3)        Magic Resistance       82
Avoidance                108
HP                                +149              MP                                  +366
Concentration         +9                  Magicboost                 +18

Enhancementrank 1


(the lower part are gems and set-status 2/5)

This is a mage wearing that dress and as you can see also cloth has stats like avoidance
and defense on it. When I played my first character (a cleric) I was wondering which
stats I should look for? What kind of armor is best? In AION you have two heal
classes: a cleric and a kantor. I found out that both of them are able to wear mail but
im my whole leveling process I could not find any mail item with good caster stats on
it. So I decided to wear cloth (I’ll show ya a screenshot later :D).
As you can see above you won’t find spellpower like in WoW. Magicboost is AION’s
spellpower but unfortunately it’s only working for damage spells, not for healing. I
really hope they will change it but currently there are no stats which power up your
healing and that’s pretty sad. Concentration is not to be interrupted that often while
casting if an enemy attacks you. Of course you know about HP and MP but I should talk
about that enhancement-rank (I hope that’s kind of correct in english D:). It is the only
enchant AION currently offers. You can buy an item to disenchant a green/blue/orange
item, the item is destroyed in that procedure but you gained a new one you can
enchant your items with. You can enchant your armor or weapon.
Enchant on any armor item = increses phys. defence
Enchant on your weapon = increaees weapon- / spelldamage

If you are used to WoW this sounds very weak. I really hope they’ll add more stuff!

Oh, what’s completely new: you can colour your items!
Here’s an example of my cleric’s new items:

My cleric recieved new shoes and trousers in green colour. But as my dress and
shoulders were pink I wanted them to be in the same colour. There’s a vendor in
the capital city selling items to colour you can use like en enchant on your stuff
and CHEER: it’s all the same colour 😀 I LOOOVE that feature! No longer running
around in terrible not-suiting leveling-gear, you always look like you’re wearing

a set 🙂 Isn’t that great? Of course you’re not forced to wear pink stuff, there are
many other colourd available. Oh and my character recently dinged level 25 but
I heard
with level 30 you can change the complete look of your items at all!
I don’t know if you have to pay real money or lots of Kinah but it’s possible. By the
way: the general prices in AION are insane. You are dealing with such a high amount
of money, as a WoW-gamer I was shocked! Like paying 50.000 Kinah for one spell!
Holy shieht! But of course you also gain a lot of money from quests.

AION comes up with something new (at least it is new to me): Spell chains!
As you can see above there is one spell like the one on the upper left. If you
cast that spell, two other spells are activated you can choose from. Like you
press key 1, two new ones are active, you press button 2 and after pressing
button 1 when the CD is gone, you can also press button 3. Ack, I’m no good
in explaining but I hope the picture above is self-explaining 😀 As a healer I
really enjoy that feature because I’m not doing big damage spells but the chain
spells can (for example) stun my target and the 3rd activated chain spell has a
HUGE boost of damage! So hands up for chain spells 😀 They rock!
What’s a little different too from WoW is that
you have to buy your spellbooks,
not the spells itself.
For example you are level 10 and just bought your level 10
spellbooks and learned them (by right click on the book). You know you will be
out in an another zone for questing for a long time, so you just buy the spellbooks
for level 13 too so you can learn them when dinging 13! Isn’t that nice? Or you
have a friend playing AION with you who is running around in the capital city,
he can buy your spellbooks and bring them to you in the another zone – great stuff 🙂

This is what your spellbooks look. Luckily these are still low and not that expensive
yet! But be aware of higher spellbooks D: I love crafting a lot but in AION everybody
tells you not to start crafting before level ~40 because spellbooks become VERY
expensive later and you should save your money for those. Scary, isn’t it? And we
thought WoW spells would be expensive ;/

Take a look at my shiny character sheet and say hello to my cleric Nymi 🙂 *waves
You can see her items and stats above and her bags below. That storing-system is a
little annoying to me.
If you wish to expand your bag (or in AION it’s called your “
cube“), you have to ask
a little ferret in any city. Those ferrets are kind of a vending class NPCs in AION and
their jobs are cube-makers or something like that. If you expand your cube at those
ferret’s, they are not making your bag bigger, they are adding an extra cube (as you
propably can see above). But always changing to that extra cube is pretty annoying
– at least it is to me. I wish they’d finally create a bigger cube and not soundso-much
extra ones 😦

Holy shieht.
In WoW I LOVED crafting! Cannot get enough of gathering herbs and creating pretty
cloth dresses, fishing or whatever. But in
AION crafting hurts in teh butt like a giant
elephant D
The crafting-system itself is great on the first glance: to level it up you don’t need to
go outside and farm materials – you can also accept work-orders from your trainer.
He’ll give you some material (like wood) and you have to buy some goods too (like
nails and water) from a NPC right next to the trainer and crafting that stuff will level
up your skills. I know you will say: “HEY, that means easy crafting and free skills for
only standing around in your city and keep crafting!” – well. Basically Yes. But if you
start doing it, you will know my pain.
Those little goods you have to buy are WAY too expensive! To level up my Alchemy
from 1-100 I spent 500.000 (!) Kinah – that was 1/4 of my whole money. And No, I
didn’t buy anything from the auction house, just doing those work-orders. And hell,
the system itself lacks! For example the work-order says you have to create 6 tents.
The trainer gives you iron for free and you have to buy 12 nails and 12 pieces of wood.
Then you start crafting. A little crafting-box appears on the ground of your screen
like this one:

The upper cast is SUCCESS and the lower one is FAIL. While you are crafting your stuff
both of the casts can keep on casting and if you are unlucky the fail-one finished first,
that means: your materials are gone but you have not created that item. If this happens
too often you have none of the trainer-materials anymore and you have to completely
start anew the work-order. That’s INCREDIBLE annoying as the materials you have to
buy additionally are pretty expensive. That success-fail-thingie also exists for gathering.
Like you gather a herb and fail, the herb is gone. Evil thing, isn’t it?
I REALLY hope they are working on the crafting-system! At the moment it really is a
big pain in teh ass.

Of course the main-thing in AION is you can fly yourself! No mounts required and
you are able to fly with level 10. You can even fight flying! Big great deal, isn’t it?
No, it’s not!
First: you only have a short time you are able to fly. If I remember correctly I can
only fly for 30 seconds (I am level 26. Level 50 is the cap). If I want to fly to a city in the
sky and cannot make it in 30seconds (maybe a lag or whatever)
my wings disappear,
I fall and die
. And if you die in AION you get released where you bound yourself
(like WoW-heartstone). So if you are bound in the capital city and you die in a special
leveling zone right in front of a quest item you cleared the whole area for – you get
released in the city, thousands of miles away. Great, isn’t it?
If you are leveling
most zones cannot be entered flying and you cannot fly there. So
for the first levels flying sounds like a joke to you. It rather lets you die than help you.
But with level 25 you can enter the huge pvp-zone, called the Abyss, and you are able
to fly in the whole big area! Of course only for some seconds but you are able to fly!
I leave you alone with your thoughts about that. I am definitely not happy with that solution.

Questing with other people is a big deal in AION. After you finished some quests in a
new zone you get a campaign-chain for a higher area in that zone filled with tons of
elite-enemies! So you are forced to go in there with a group. Of course this is not bad!
As I am a healer I LOVE playing together with other classes and I would never be able
to make it on my own. But if I am talking about being forced I MEAN being forced.
You cannot skip these elite quests or you won’t be able to level up for days. At the
moment AION has not enough quests to level up, you always need to grind your way
to the next level, so those group quests are neccesary if you don’t wish to grind for days.
You can invite 5 people to your group. As AION only offers one real tanking class and
one real healing class it’s sometimes hard to find a good one. But after creating a group
with one tank, one healer and some DDs it is incredible fun! Elite enemys fall like little
birds and the experience you gain are pretty nice. If your healer died in that group you
can resurrect him with a special item you buy in any city or you can even resurrect
yourself with an item. Pretty useful (but I don’t have to add that those are expensive,
haven’t I?).
My final Group Questing thought: it’s fun! And you get to know the other classes very well.

With level 25 you can finally enter the first instance called Nochsana.
Gosh, I was desperately waiting for my first instance! I am a healer! Why do I have
to wait 25 levels to finally heal some shieht?! Whatever 🙂
Nochsana itself is pretty short but you gain LOADS of Experience!
On the other hand
items are rarely dropping. The bosses only have a very low chance
to drop an item. In my first run through Nochsana I have not seen any item besides
mana pots and stuff. The tank told me in 5 runs he has only seen dropping one item.
So in AION instances aren’t for gearing up, they are for gaining tons of EP. I didn’t care
because you recieve many good items from quests so I enjoyed healing and gaining
billions of experience. The bosses were kind of weak but I’m sure they’ll patch that.
I am not able to enter the next instance (lvl 30 – Firetemple) but I am looking forward to it!
Oh and I slightly forget:
You can only access the same instance once every 18 hours!!
So if you fetch a terrible group, you’re screwed…

Basically: Elyos = Alliance \\ Asmodian = Horde (if you wish to compare)
I started a mage on both sides and was highly amused by the difference of the looks!
(As you can also see above) Elyos-dresses are always pretty shiny and light and full
of candy-like-things and you simply look like a little angel.
In the majority of cases Asmodian-items are dark, short and tight. I really love my
pretty asmodian mage but I seriously always look like a prostitude 😦 Short leopard
dress, leopard knee-length boots and black gloves. But if you enjoy that, I can
highly recommend the Asmodian side 🙂 I’ll stay with my cute candy mage ^^’

Aaaalright, I hope you didn’t fell asleep or even one part was interesting to read 🙂
If you have any questions or whatever, feel free to ask.
Here are some random screenshots I will keep my comments short 🙂

Map is pretty, isn’t it? I am the little green spot on the top and my group member
is the blue diamond. If you are searching for a mob and click on it in the quest
log it will be displayed as a blue or pink X on the world map. Pretty helpful!

I looove Elyos’ dresses! They look so elegant and cute, I feel like
a little princess wearing them 😀 AND you can colour it the way
you want!

And yeah… some people are very… creative in character
design 😮 (I seriously couldn’t stop looking at her face!)

People always ask: Will you quit WoW now and go on playing AION?!
Is AION better than WoW?!
I cannot give any easy answers. For my part I enjoyed playing AION a lot but it’s still
in developement and I will continue playing WoW. It sadly is my MMOPRG-love and will
ever be. But AION is a fresh thing, it’s different, it’s BEAUTIFUL and interesting to
explore! For myself I have not much fun anymore since I entered the PVP zone. I am
a healer and I HATE pvp to pieces but that’s the current leveling zone *sigh*.

AION made some things very well! Character design is a big big plus, the way to
change the look of your gear is great, I love colour everything pink :D, the first areas
are absolutely beautiful – while questing I was always like “Oooh, so pretty” or
“Oh my gosh, giant elephants in the lake looking like aliens!” and the level design really
gives you a blast!
But AION also did some things terribly wrong (in my opinion). Crafting is a joke,
flying is a joke (even WORSE), the global cooldown is a little weird to me (I felt like
a broken healer with lags but appeareantly the global cooldown between my spells
is pretty long). They definitely need to add more quests so we can finally stop grinding!

I can highly recommend AION to everybody who also enjoys World of Warcraft!
It is a new experience, it is shiny, it is pretty, it is new! And maybe you have no problems
with those things I ranted about, maybe you like the crafting system (or don’t want to
craft at all).

If one of you already tested AION I’d love to hear what you like, what your dislikes are,
what your experiences were 🙂 Feel free to comment!

Love, NukNuk


~ by nanuki on 2009/11/05.

8 Responses to “AION vs WoW”

  1. Awesome post! I’m playing Aion now as well, and you really covered a lot of the bases for a newbie to the game! Fantastic job! ❤

    • Thank you very very much 🙂 I hope I didn’t mess up too many english phrases!
      By the way, I am really impressed by (of? ^^) your pretty website!

  2. I played Aion for a few weeks, I think I got my Asmodian Spiritmaster upto about 27 before deciding the lag was too much for me. But I do love the character design and general game play ^^ wish I’d tried a Chanter and Ranger too before cancelling my subscription but I suppose I can always pick it up later when there are less people playing.

    • Oh, did you enjoy your spiritmaster? I’ve chosen a chanter (or whatever the mage class was called in AION *scratches head*) and was wondering what the differences are between both mage classes.

  3. I’m glad you are giving it a try and enjoying it! Sideshow and I are currently playing both WoW and Aion. We’ve only gotten to level 20 so far in Aion, but we’re enjoying it. Like Tami said, you covered a lot of good information for anyone interested in an overview or are new to Aion. Great job! 🙂

    @Jaedia – I know Channel 1 tends to have horrible lag (as does the capital city with all the player shops) but we found going to other channels usually (not always, sometimes we get weirdly high pings) helped relieve lag issues as well as less competition for spawns.

    • Wow, interesting to hear that some great WoW-gamers also trying AION 😀 May I ask what class you both picked? My bf plays a warrior and I’ve chosen a cleric but also tested a mage what’s sooo much fun!
      Thank you very much for your kind words 🙂

      • I have a level 20 spiritmaster and Sideshow has a level 20 gladiator. I did make a warrior alt that recently ascended and will be a templar. He’s also trying out a scout. 🙂

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