Nanukis little art :)

Good morning ladys and gents!

I am no big artist at all but I love scirbbling and drawing a little in my freetime and just wanted to share some pieces 😀

Supposed to be a nightelf druid fishing a draenei mage in Dalaran 🙂

As you already noticed a work before new druid forms. I loooved teh old alliance kitteh!
But the new one has pink bracelet 😀 *shinies*!

My old priestess and my bf’s deathknight 😀 ❤

Appeareantly something I did for Mister Kivuli from AngryHealers,
teh greatest pew pew disc troll out there 😀 *waves

Did I mention I love draenei ladies? 😀 Supposed to be my priestess in her draenei-days.

Alexstrasza is definitely one of teh hottest ladys in WoW! My intention was
to draw her in her young days when she was a girl but.. well.. whatever ^^’

(Yeees, I love draenei ladies :D)

haha 😀 mini mage!

Maybe Anzu doesn’t enjoy being a mount? 😦
(But he’s so prettyyyy! Though I couldn’t draw him well D:)


Thank you for your patience 🙂


~ by nanuki on 2009/11/04.

13 Responses to “Nanukis little art :)”

  1. Wow, impressive, I love your drawings 😀 They’re all so cute

  2. These are all super cute! I especially like the last one with Anzu :]

  3. Thank you very much you both sweethearts 🙂 Always happy to recieve a little feedback :]

  4. Those are fantastic. Little scribblings, pfft, they are excellent!

    • (yay, I finally discovered the reply function, haha)

      Thank you so much for your sweet comments, you are so kind, Miss Syrana :’)

  5. They look incredible! I love your stile… makes everything so cute. I played a bit with the crayon on paper to but that was in the times i was studying at university. Now, with real life and house and game and now my silly blog… is to much, so I have lost the track/skill or I don’t know…
    Anyway, keep posting them, I would love to see more.

    • Thank you a lot! 🙂 My drawing skills are still in progress and chibi art is nearly everything I can do but I hope I’ll become a better artist in future 😀
      I am sure you have great skills! If you stop practising it’s always a little down, I know that, but I’m sure you’ll be absolutely doing great if you only try to draw again!

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  7. Wow, what great art! My favorite is the Alexstrasza one, but your style is so sweet and fun to look at. ❤

  8. awesome, seriously 😀 loved the anzu one, awwh.


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